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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Young Nature

You are the part of nature. Nature ever remains young. You are the sensation. Drink the nature , swallow the nature with all your sensation. You are not only the body. The body is apparatus of various sensation. and not as you presumed it. Use the apparatus to acquire all the energy condensed in nature . be ever you and powerful as the nature is .

Ever keep you senses alive and attentive with sharpness to grasp the power available with nature. It ever available with nature with huge quantity.

Nature has adjustable qualities with different circumstances. It never go against the circumstances but get changed as and how they are required but never leave the target as to remain young. It adopt the changes and differs its construction as it expected by circumstances. Those creature are not following it and try to destroy its ( nature ) existence, they get demolish from their existence. You can take example of beast.

Nature knows the propagation Technic. It renews its generation by taking feedback from its own and modulate it by its own way. Human has tried his fundamentals by doing Yoga in his fashion.  Samadhi is the explanation of it but it centralised to that specific person and not for all. We can't follow its ( natures ) rule as it is desirable.

Hollow in mine

Just like you but not you,
You the special, than friends of you,
No one can compare any way,
You are the star in this hue ,

In sage and beaut you are cute,
But for me, you remain mute,
All the way you like me much,
You only special for me as such,

Except you the G+ found vacate sky
No cloud or stars to float or fly
you are there only Moon to shine
without u I feel like hollow in mine
संबंधित इमेज
Land of slavery

Red land of sweet elixir
where wrinkles are seen
those are river beckons
met towards love ocean

from slippery land hilly
towards deep pearl valley
once one fall down
there is no chance to be alive

he may thrown to heaven
or landed on paradise garden
and lost his own identity
and it remains for infinity

it well known as land of slavery
all are eager to show their barvery
how wonderful win in loosing
every one like to choose it

कुछ दिल ने कहा कुछ भी नहीं के लिए वीडियो
कुछ दिल ने कहा, कुछ भी नहीं

कुछ दिल ने कहा, कुछ भी नहीं - २
ऐसी भी बातें होती हैं - २
कुछ दिल ने कहा, कुछ भी नहीं

लेता है दिल अंगड़ाइयां, इस दिल को समझाये कोई
अरमान ना आँखें खोल दें, रुसवा ना हो जाये कोई
पलकों की ठंडी सेज पर, सपनों की परियां सोती हैं
ऐसी भी बातें होती हैं - २
कुछ दिल ने कहा, कुछ भी नहीं

दिल की तस्सली के लिये, झूठी चमक झूठ निखार
जीवन तो सूना ही रहा, सब समझे आयी बहार
कलियों से कोई पूछता, हंसती हैं या रोती हैं
ऐसी भी बातें होती हैं - २
कुछ दिल ने कहा, कुछ भी नहीं
चित्रपट / Film: अनुपमा-(Anupama)
संगीतकार / Music Director: हेमंत कुमार-(Hemant Kumar)
गीतकार / Lyricist: Kaifi Azmi

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Moonlit night is meant to roam
since many days full moon came
all the surrounding shine silvery
rather the pink glitters more glory

palace of pleasure is before my vision
and I drenched with lovely blossom
the moon face has covered my sky
and silently swallow in breath do I

camera lens seems so so lucky
it has plucked all parts of  beauty
all these task to ruin my heart
and I remain longing holding hurts

my mind hence like to be nostalgic
to create mirage before mind flick
When back look I

When so back look I
found the yearning dreams
tears seems not dried
and took overwhelmed shape

suck all the beauty I have
but never it could reduced
I ever been maintained green
only smiles are lingering

reminisce each part of my skin
and velvet thoughts of heart
I couldn't wipe out those
still they chase me and my past
Oh little sparrow

Oh my sparrow
dear muslin pillow
where you had been
I was since waiting
for your chatting
when rise tomorrow

your chirrup sweet
ever want to eat
desire to stare in your eyes
my love there lies
instead it cries
eager ever to come and meet

may not I like you
but you are in my hue
why are you so so honey
your eyes alone lonely
shade  colour gloomy
want to fly in sky of you

-you encroached in my heart
perforated all parts
bleeding all my emotions
all sighs are ripen
sensing minute pain
unbearable any other hurt-

Monday, December 11, 2017

Today's youth
Today's youth have lost the life lyrics
as the rotten has lead them to criticise 
         Let their heart beat pulse & curse
        Not aware What is love and  mirth
New world has crushed them under feet
Who cares them , their voice has clipped
       Raised their survival problem
        trodden in politics and religion matter

          The yearning face of their
            unbind my heart with curse
Standstill my sight as seen
As feel as never had been
         What stolen I can't yet judge
          some treasure I lost still in search


The beautiful stylish figure, deeply drowned in thoughts, restlessly rest her head at window pan curtain

Drowned in thoughts

Thinking restlessly
the lingering past
the unsuccessful effort
and the starving thirst

the desperate wishes
with the golden crown
and future to measure
in time scale gown

the enraging beauty
and the hidden lust
scream in the heart
with yearning crust

Sunday, December 10, 2017

 Alluring smile

Beyond the mind
I hid your love
shyness of wall
that avoid to prove

On round cheeks
Dimple built a house
Even a smile slight
Sink  my sole  soul

Your stealing sight
turns to smile glimpse 
I can't get realised
from the stunning mind

Something to talk
alone with you 
But forgets all
as come close to you

When hug in heart
the sky bowed down
And as if I possessed
feels world in womb