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Thursday, September 21, 2017

संबंधित चित्र

To the leaves

Oh !! dearest............. how you shared..
splendid life with me
that I remember........ever and ever
reminisce in heart of me

you flourished me........ and all forest
with your ever smiling leaves
friendship with............. wind and dew
ever echoes in hues

how you bored.............. with our loves
where we are mistaken
leaving us you............with cunning autumn
leaving us in frozen

bare you will make ......and all the forest
and remove the roof of nests
all the birds and plant, trees
how will pass on the days

your frolic smile...........ever been perched
in this happy survival
now nostalgia the world......we have to suffer
awaiting your arrival

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The intoxication of love does't require win to drink. It climb so high which unable to get down. And when the when the partner is got synchronized then it is beyond to explain. Any how I have tried to explain in this poem.

Hang Over

Today is still under hangover of yesterday.
Tidal waves have dashed & crushed the bay
At last ,  your apples and breath saved me.
but still drenched like hive of honey bee

How long the tsunami have to face...
the beautiful and puffed cheeky face
never would get tired but rather fresh
after getting all the honey soaked

night undergone cumbersome efforts
where dreams have paved to hurdle fort
your win may contains my victory too
all the sky will blue along with us in glue

my body became tongue to taste
and all over you found me sweet
how long it prolong unable to tell
let us enclose tight in pearl shell
Fight with Crisis

Life is such game which never can be win with carrying worries. It can only be win playfully. Every game has rules, like wise life game has also rules. We must keep our players rigid and strong to win over the game. If regular exercise and practice is done you will not feel weak. Or even such situation occurs, you can take medicine.

In this game God has cleverly made us as opponent against our self. God knows you can well plan to play with outsider, but you can't get so prepared against your self.

Situation, circumstances wants to defeat us. They want our tears. Be cautious. How to defeat the crisis ? Never be so sad as crisis desires. It is intention of the crisis that you should weep and the situation should come in his control as he wish. Just be cautious. Be stand still. Do the work as required to that situation. Don't allow the severeness to touch to your heart. It is defeat of the crisis. Make the crisis helpless. But don't forget your duties. When crisis becomes weak you can win over it or even the war. Just arose little smile from the heart on account of mischievous behavior of the crisis. Seeing the situation and our state of mind , crisis will not have space to perch in our house. The other matters can be skillfully dealt. Be calm, be silent, carry candid mind and act as third person with your crisis. The solution will bowed before you with folded hands. Never loose the patience. Be pleasure ever. God will definitely happy for the approach.

Our religious books are very helpful to increase our confidence. They can increase wisdom and power to the mind. In Mahabharata there are charaterstics and how they face the crisis is very well given. And some rules, formulas are concluded.

We addicted to see the world through our own eyes only. People are shy, fearful, etiquette follower, ashamed of telling, egoist and try to maintain status. Or they are unable to collect the words. But eyes can tell the truth. Eyes expose the say of heart. And destroy the status . Some people are more reserve.

Eyes are innocent kids of heart Purchase their eyes with your cute smile or best the squint smile. We must lead and pin the balloon.

Creeping Creek While roaming in forest, heard an anklet sound, as if dancing someone, creeping through wood my mind enchanted to search the peach anklets constantly buzzing as if calling me to reach wander through dense wood my eyes caught her it was nothing but beautiful flow of creek there creek enclosed from sides with heighten & dense trees as if shying bride in marriage exploring blush in her veil

I stepped down towards it
put the hand into deep
the force pull me inside
and drenched me from all side

I balanced and came out
then its smile teasing me
as if the peach won me
I felt happy even defeated within
My Nest

where ever you be
be a happy birdie
In your pleasure
my treasure worthy

I thought you hate me
as you be the favorite
Then I felt helpless
searching my mistake

My love ever hovers
around you dear
your heart want to kiss
It is only my bliss

No one in this world
so near to my heart
I would be vagrant then
If you leave me alone

what made you to leave
chandraswami threw
you are my cottage there
& I alone tenant unpaid

क्यों नयनो में भर दियी आशिकी , संभल ना पाये उसकी बेरुखी , हमारे दिल में जो कुछ मेरा , जोगी बन गया ,सब है तुम्हारा


विरह का झील है नयनोमे तेरे
उदासी भर दी तूने मनमे मेरे
हम चले जोगी नयनोके किनारे
गीत विरह के  गाते तुम्हारे

किस जनम की कौन तुम हमारी ?
मुझे ना याद है, सजनी प्यारी
सामने तेरी तस्बिर जो आयी
लगता सारी दुनिया  मिलगयी

ताकता रहता नयनोमे तेरे
नयनोसे नीर ना रुके हमरे
मिले थे कब वो धुंदली सि यादें
लगता है सब आँसुओ से भरे

देखता हूँ दूर क्षितिज से उस पार
उभरती है रुंधन दिल के पार
प्यास बुझेगी क़ब ?, ना जाने
जोगी बन गए अब हम तुम्हारे

थम गयी दुनिया थम गए सितारे
देखके तुझे नयन  मेरे  निहारे
कह नहीं पाये , लब्ज भी निस्चल
कदर ना आये फिर भी मुझपर

संबंधित चित्र
Sweated buds

Sweated became the buds when morning dew allured before came to bloom soon they are victimized of adored arousing beauty blaze still from all its tender petals can't say it tasted before shining of it yet to glitter wind will churn it lovely play with it and cradle swing with it very often to kiss its petals in detail late comers will welcome butterfly has to offer color humming birds has to bear with its sharp beak deep further all the day fragrance will fly the beauty is being churned lastly has to sleep with ugly bumblebee who betrayed

It chew the honey whole night
it cease the petals around him
sighs scream whole night
witnessed stars teased blinked