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Thursday, January 18, 2018

kate upton the other woman के लिए इमेज परिणाम
Claps with in

How long shall I stare
eyes will not be tired
it whiff all my sediment
and you acquired me whole

How I shape my inner core
as you look so beautiful
my sighs only inhales slowly
slowly fills vacated I stunning at you

how you pure sure i grasp
can't I judge how long it be
weaken I feel to soak you in
may unconscious very soon ?

never could I describe you
nor could get envelop you
my sighs only can pull you in
with hands of sight, claps with in

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Waited till the moon rise

waited till the moon rise
didn't you yet arrive dear
dreams still not slumber
pulled I the eyes lashes

flowers started wilting now
petals slowly bowed down
despaired they feel me shy
they too sad seeing my eye

In the hands I hold flower
awaiting since since longer
sleep has conquer efforts
dream envelop me in mirth

Tilted proud

Sun keeps earth warm
still she sneer on him
with tilted proud style
creates seasons in nature
and keeps life alive

Hence be wise you are
let wife sneer on you
in creep hidden kisses
and keeps life alive
in wrangle tangle meet

she keeps you running
around her periphery
with holding halter rope
and crush in love grip
keep hot in fertilise reason

The beauty where shyness showers with emitting heart emotion .

Na tum hamen ham tumhen jane..Hemant Kumar_Suman Kallyanpur_two versions..a tribute

न तुम हमें जानो, न हम तुम्हें जानें hmmmmm ...
न तुम हमें जानो, न हम तुम्हें जानें
मगर लगता है कुछ ऐसा, मेरा हमदम मिल गया न तुम हमें जानो, न हम तुम्हें जानें मगर लगता है कुछ ऐसा, मेरा हमदम मिल गया न तुम ... (ये मौसम ये रात चुप है, ये होंठों की बात चुप है खामोशी सुनाने लगी, है दास्तां ) - (२) नज़र बन गई है, दिल की ज़ुबां न तुम ... (मुहब्बत के मोड़ पे हम, मिले सबको छोड़ के हम धड़कते दिलों का लेके, ये कारवां ) - (२) चले आज दोनो, जाने कहाँ न तुम ...

चित्रपट / Film: Baat Ek Raat Ki
संगीतकार / Music Director: हेमंत कुमार-(Hemant Kumar)

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

तू फुल अन मी मदमाशी 

स्मुर्तीत तुझ्या मी रमले 
मधुरतं कि ते मज गमले 
मदिरा काय देईल मजशी 
तुझे ते रम्य असे वागणे 

गॉड तुझे ते अमृत कोंदण 
त्यात मोतियांची अडकण 
मुग्ध गंधात खरे जगणे 
प्रेमानंदे ते हाय विव्हळणे 

चंद्र कदापि ना भावाला मज 
तुज पुढती त्याची काय मिजास 
रेंगाळते  सदा मी तुज भोवती 
तू फुल अन मी मदमाशी 

Apne Yaad Dilaaya
Meena Kumari tragedy queen of India in Indian cinema  She acted many films and enchant viewers by playing the role of Indian woman and endurance in their life.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

तू लाजून  का हसली

तू सजून लाजून का हसली
मी भाळलो तुज वर साजणी

शरीर रुपी हि बनली बासुरी
श्रवण, दृष्ट , चव अन स्पर्श
गंध , मुग्ध अन सलग हर्ष
आत्मी रोविला सार परामर्श

सप्त सूर बघ  कसे निघती
रमते मन अन ध्यान आत्मनि
मोहित तुज वर हे  रमणी
मी भाळलो तुजवर साजणी

लवचिक तुझी हि लकबी काया
हर्षानू लुप्त अखंड माया
गुंतलो मी तुज भवती अवती
भ्रमित भाव मज तुज भवती

मी भाळलो तुजवर साजणी 
On vacation w/o permission

showing so wide deer eyes
in deserted forest of summer
to please me from long absence
but all that I will not now hear

why you been on long vacation
without any prior intimation
no way there to expose my self
better to be in angry indignant

though starving I never would beg
might you splendid for me vague
forget will I even you rhymes in me
for you I will yearn but will not meet

will hold your mirage and not ask you
claps with remembrance but not you

Friday, January 12, 2018

thy kind look

thy kind look I awaited so far
there no chance to insist , Oh yaar
why so clumsy I feel, you not there
all where vague I feel, how you aware

may not I have love, you might felt
that would be there, then I won't melt
since then I rest in dug dimple laid
slumber there assuming smile fed

I can't see horizon, remembers me
your wide eyes and their shade rosy
I met the roses with bowed head
its petals there works at as elixir lid

kyaa aisi baate chhupaai hai tune  dilme
kyaa aisi hasi chhupaai hai tune.... gulme
hame naa bataai i to kya