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Saturday, November 18, 2017

I'm not the friend

I'm not the friend as some one may feel I'm the skylark who awaits days still can't avoid to stare till moon arouse and want feel ever moon should come close Never could I love but affection is dense my heart is my enemy it encircle you in fence as wolf I'm outside not loving the hunt but starving since long and desire to haunt the flesh would sweet Why I so imagined even you laugh loudly dimples will not win
I the barren land

I the barren land
beside the lake
awaiting clouds
to see my state

seed in heart
thirstily hidden
fully indignant
ready to ruin

false nurturing
I feel fade up
teasing stares
made me mute

my love is wilt
before it bloom
only longing hum
in the heart croon

Reminisce of Meenakumari

Ever been you wandering in my heart
still I am alone in your longing yearn

such saddest days slowly passing away
I know that you may not come back again

lively as if you are hovering around
I can hear from hollow voice, steps sound

your calm and silent serene movement
as if full flesh settle in love achievement

all were crazy on your nature and beauty
days and night became dusky on your acting

horizon was perched in your eyes
blush  and shy were with you ever lies

Might not you aware, world in love of you
you would not have dare to leave i true

Friday, November 17, 2017

 वसते तू हृदयात माझ्या

वसते तू हृदयात माझ्या
हुरहुरते प्रति क्षणात किती
डोळे तुझे शोधती कोठे
भावनांच्या कोठाऱ्या वरती

ना सरते कधी पिउनि सगळे
नयनातील अतृप्त तृष्णा
तरीही माझी क्षुधा अपुर्या
ठाव तुझा काळजाचा शोधण्या

घुसळून सार्या मन्मनाला
तरीही उरते तृप्ती अपुरी
म्हणना जरा पुरे अता
मी तुमची पुरती सगळी

शोधती तुला आर्त तृष्णा
ना गवसली तू अजून कशी
वेडावतो काळ मजला
ध्यास तुझा हा बावनकशी

हुरहूर ले ल्या वेड्या मनाला
साद अजून नाही आली
असेल तू जेथे प्रिया
नजरेत तरी भेट मजशी

Knot in the mind

Mostly children are victim of this knot which is formed in mind. It is natural tendency. They developing them self as per the circumstances. The circumstance brings some awkward situation before them and they are not able accommodate with it and this forms a knot in their mind. It can't be easily un-knotted or loosen.

Here one small story for example. It is a fact odf 2005. One school boy just entering in high school . He was not well in his studies. In matruculation he was unable to clear one subject since 3 year. When I went to him as he is my friend's son. My friend told good things about other children. but about this boy my friend was fully annoyed. He fired that boybefore me and insulted him. I didn't like this behavour of my friend. I took the side of that poor boy. I enquired about his lking. He was very frequently going to a painter whenever he was being scolded at him.

It is learnt that he is good in painting. I enquired about his painting qualification. He had already cleared 3 exams and stood in distinction. I fire his father and told him about the skill of his son. I guided him to join college. He completed his drawing course and e is class one Professor in Government college

Long Voyage

Dreams are ignited
by this golden spark and want long voyage in this golden heart I will be there to sail through these blue eyes let my boat be drawn into deep boiling sighs I will drink all ambrosia that in the sea stirring spin I will swallow gems and pearls and leave the tingles on skin

let my comet cross the skies
through your golden eyes
It may explode with all confine
to built new viral galaxy
Tenant in heart

You already have possession
I am only tenant in my heart
threw in the corner in my premises
and I am vagrant inside longing

you hold me like a tiny lamb
and fill quench of your heart
I will soak the ocean of tear
to make you blossoming sky

Worried I'm wrinkling pondering
for your mild sensitive heart

glad with family and spouse
would be my happiest house
रंग सारे झाले दंग 

रंग सारे झाले दंग ,
बघून तुझे अपरूप रूप
गिरवू कशा भावना ,
त्यांतर तुजवरी लुब्ध

नको फिरवू कटाक्ष मजवरी
गालात छद्मी हसून
खरेच भाळलो तुजवरी मी
मनात सारे ते लपून

गोंधळले  अग  रंग माझे
एकमेका ते झोम्बती
तारामबल उगीच झाली
नाही धुसपूस संपली

तू खुद्कन हसली तेव्हा
क्षणभर सगळे भाम्बावलो
स्वच्छ ब्रश फिरवून
अंतरी सारे खदखदलो

हावरटा परी ब्रश फिरला
चुंबुनी सगळ्या अंगा
असते कुणाचे भाग्य असले
मज काय ते झुरन्या विना

Longing Light house

the longing of heart
like a morning dew
before opening of the day
hearing the steps of dawn
packing sleepless dreams

tear drops disciples
well you have taught
they just peep by aperture
squinting from eyelashes
and you stand as frown teacher

ever I imaging lighthouse
as if awaiting someone host
who has gone on voyage
and assured to come soon
and the sight search in dusky gloom

the light moves round and round
mirage of ship from coastal ground
burst out of whimper sound in sky
like a period alert bursting cry
all the yearning birds open to fly

Moon has proposed

Moon has proposed
to wear silvery clouds
how to hide beauty
behind swinging clouds

as the hairs being tugged
to swing around moon
the smiley cheeky dimple
as if bud ready to bloom

Lovely waves swung through my heart and naked my soul with flying so high where all the memories got swept off and the bliss pleasure drifted me off