Friday, November 17, 2017

Dissolved in you

Dissolve in you

Would you tolerate me
If I became crazy
while seeing your beauty
dissolve in you fully

If became unconscious
forget the world
would you become my world
and get merge in me

if you deny me

your smile sings in me
and I get engulf
the rainbow on your face
created by my love

all colours crowded in me
and made friendship in my heart
slipped down by brush
and perch there to make me more crazy

I will stare at you forever
and smack beauty by eyes
ruin in heart for your love
my echoes will spread in sky

you speak with me
through lips of image
and I feel contented
but you didn't arrive in real

stars and moon in sky
I forget on seeing you
your light so blink on me
world nowhere can view

your smile ellipsed on me
and I'm fully draped
want to remain ever so
under the clouds of you bowed