Thursday, November 16, 2017

Holy Moon

Holy Moon

So innocent I was then
to touch the beauty of her
I would be sinner if I,
I w'ld became sensuous guy

stunned and stared a long
let the music sang a song
went I in unconscious feeling
so pure my heart trailing

that the truth of my essence
and understood what's sense
she stood in altar of mine
and I remain preacher defined

her smile was like a brook
and beauty just ripen fruit
her each move was making crazy
and my mind helplessly busy

humming bird became my teacher
could not I wait further
then released all my sighs
on elixir days and nights

amrut ghat aso tuj javali,
bara mi trushnakant  bhuvari
kondanat asude bharlele
man vede, baghun tyaa kade