Friday, November 17, 2017

खोडकर जुळया बहिणी Naughty twin sisters


On seeing this picture I am attracted towards the innocence of the twin sisters. I wrote this poem in Marathi and then translated to English. Tried to match the rhythm but not so successful.

खोडकर जुळया बहिणी Naughty twin sisters

नकोच माझी खोडी करू तू 
काढीन चिमटी तुला 
असली जरी तू बहीण जुळी अन 
ना उसंत देईन तुला 

चिडवणे मजशी तुला भावते 
अशी ग कशी तू  सखी 
असते डिवचत मला सारखी 
देईन तुला एक बुक्की 

चोरी माझी तुला गावते 
अन गाली हस्ते छद्मी 
तुझे वागणे  गोड  वाटते 
जशी कोल्हापूरची पद्मि 

अळीमिळी अन गुप चिडी 
समजते तुझी कुलंगडी 
चल जाऊया बाहेर खेळण्या 

लंगडी अन फुगडी 

Naughty twin sisters

Don't you darling tease me so
I will cut a pinch
even we been twin sister
I won't leave you thence

teasing me you do like much
how you be my friend
irritating me often and often
beat you with clench

how do you catch my innocence
and shows frisky smile in cheeks
why do I like your sweet behaviour 
you look like a Lakshmi Goddess 

talkative sparrow shut mouth
I know your all shout
let us play out in premise 
hide and seek or princess prince