Saturday, November 18, 2017

The fairy

Some times fortune tease us and keep ever lingering around some facts . The poem is real story happened in my life in the year 2002.

The fairy

She arrived bowed before me
requested to "sign on please"
those were certificates copies
wishing she sign on true copies

in my file works I was drowned
assertively nodded with frown
as eyes turned towards her voice
and heart beat stopped for a while

my tongue was stuck at scalp
eyes got stunned and glazing halt
queen of the world standing before me
past and present drained before it

seemed world exhibition just opened
I'm the spectator staring at her
Goddess of beauty as if I'm facing
eyes and sight then got aligned 

momentary life carved in the heart
as she aware, abashed with shy
smiled sweetly judging my aim
shrouded her face in her both palm

what my eyes grabbled my mind
what's the beauty never I have seen
dispelled my heart before her beauty
I was a statue and how I was alive

ran she away from my chamber
landed I back on earth sphere
either I was in heaven or where
accumulating my self took an hour