Thursday, November 16, 2017

Your Affection

Your Affection

Lump held inside my throat,
As I read your love dear,
I do realize the feelings have
can't deny single word

tears stood behind eye lashes
one of them pushed downwards
it is the gift for the infinite love
hence they been pulled towards

I only can dare the pain I have
who is there for me to tell
Since I have a faith only on you
Since past I read your heart well

Tide is just demise slowly
hope ever been calm the tension
your wishes ever supports me
hence get rely on your affection

(Your poem has crossed all the skies
and I remain here like hovering cloud
it will down before morning dawn
and find as dew on grass around)

I ever become sensitive since,
Reading your poem and live in it,
Its not now but ever happens,
And I helplessly drifted in it,

Days passes on dreaming you,
Can't I avoid so deep you perch,
I really don't know who is "you",
But vacate my sobs if I meet,

I tried to be away since read poem,
But never could get you forget,
Planned awkwardly what I feel,
But your pain ever got me hurt,