Sunday, December 3, 2017

Along the sea shore

संबंधित इमेज

Along the sea shore

Along the sea shore
alone in sand
she has not arrived
Awaiting since long

Let waves may
carry me with them
She doesn't love me
What is the life then

In the womb of your mind
calling with urge tune
" Hide me in your heart"
kiss my yearning blooms

Since many lives awaited
in this overwhelm loneliness
Now I got my soul
& will release sadness 

Gazing at you I realised
your image became alive
start saying moving her lips
& murmured in sweet voice

I astonished & shied to tell
she loves me from soul
photo was  alive & live with me
Firstly she weep in wrapped arm

I wiped her tears with my kisses.                                                                                            

Gazing into your heart through eyes
Lives may have spent I recognise
never be complete my search Oh grace
Let me lost ever & ever in lovely face

Breathing of sighs breeze slowly on me
Your murmur shies on my chest gloomy

. !!


~how long shall I wait
You assured me to come
tried my eyes to see 
The horizon long deep

Why so unkind darling 
My heart is yearning for you 
The faithful eyes stare at me 
searching my love 
I am your from my soul 
Nestle my craving heart

Your reverie 
in me
& subtle tingles 
rustle all over body
that succumb
 my mine