Saturday, December 2, 2017

You said "Feeling nostalgic"

I felt her say and my heart melted to hug her, to swallow her nostalgic longing. I spread all my wings and tried to dive in her sky, to in hale her storm. My love was eager to clasp her. And my words launched here.

You said "Feeling nostalgic"

Yes, you have to say more
more and more you continue
and I will stare at you
and never never become bore

stars on your face I chase
with them I get mixed
those glittering emotion
carrying lovely expression

your's like a childish smile
that beautiful candid heart
appears through your eyes
with sweet whimpers sighs

hence don't you feel nostalgic
"only you only you", is my magic
want to stay in your heart
want to craze in your art

flattering waves in you
want to grasp and paint hue
your laugh want to emit
want my soul to meet

fly with all your wings
grasp the sky in one swing
voyage through bliss ocean
dive in my heart revolution