Monday, March 12, 2018

रात सुनसान है (मिना १२ )

See how her heart is burning in this poem. I have tried free translation in to English for G+ friends.
As the meaning of this poem touched my heart, Meena Kumari's photo crying image is given here painted here. Seeing her acting and the poem, she endured deep sadness in her life. She thrown her life for want of love which was denied by Dharmendra. At the age of 38 she died on 31st March 1972

In the silent night

the time scale is my premises
No star in the sky and no firefly here around
in my awaiting longing eyes
( her whining )
some candle flames
If you see them clearly and will say..... my tears
lust awaken to bury , that is my thirst
if I say its " lust of love", my tongue start burning
in freezing feeling of oven 
flame covers my body
This thirst might subside in this way
Hey all you !! please give me poison
 रात सुनसान है (मिना १२ )
रात सुनसान है
तारीक है दिल का आंगन
आसमां पर कोइ तारा न जमीं पर जुगनू
टिमटिमाते हैं मेरी तरसी हुइ आँखों में
कुछ दिये
तुम जिन्हे देखोगे तो कहोगे : आंसू
दफ़अतन जाग उठी दिल में वही प्यास, जिसे
प्यार की प्यास कहूं मैं तो जल उठती है ज़बां
सर्द एहसास की भट्टी में सुलगता है बदन
प्यास - यह प्यास इसी तरह मिटेगी शायद
आए ऐसे में कोई ज़हर ही दे दे मुझको