Saturday, April 14, 2018

Calming the poor heart

In the month of March I was fully engage with painting of Meena Kumari tragedy queen of old Hindi Films, my favourite actress. While painting her more than 50 images my tears could not stop and I was in sad mood for complete month.  Every day of March I have published one painting and her poems ( Shayari).  She died in 31st March 1972 .
But suddenly I across this above image and her heartily thoughts. and it soften my sadness. This image is of my dearest friend +Moonlight Star since just fortnight.  This poem is just gossiping between my heart and soul.

Calming the poor heart

Oh my heart , please don't you stumbled
aware yourself, its the God's miracle
please don't you cry for this beautiful toy
don't be stubborn and don't get annoy

We will get butterflies exactly like this
love's eye balls with flattering wings
fragrance of jasmine like this nasal bud
apples so puffed like this cheeks fruit

slice of mango twin we will purchase
like this petal of rose as lips you chase
like hairs we snatch evening arty clouds
so wise you are please don't cry loud