Thursday, April 12, 2018

Culture or Religion and woman

Culture or Religion and woman

Ever we say that we are performing the personality on the platform of drama created by God. Yes we are the toys played by God. We have to do the karma as allotted by him with mindful devotion.  Happiness and sorrow are depend on the capability of integrity.  We all do accept the things fully or partially. Some over confidence may give good path to survive .

 But in either of the condition the survival path in this drama of God gives up and down waves which we feel them as happiness or sorrow.  These emotions can have intensity as per our maturity to endure.

As to remain peaceful, calm life , the culture is developed and insisted upon us to behave in certain chute unwillingly.  Flaws and virtues are  the crowned name to show terror.
Actually to create sadness in other's life is sin and to help the needy is virtue.

 Mind and brain has profound capacity which can't describe. All the bad and good deeds are carved and can't be wiped out.Certain Yoga may soften the sharpness but can't banished.

Happiness and sadness are related to survival of body. Where as pleasure and sorrow are related to mind that we say heart. Soul is knowing only bliss and it's quantum.

Normally mind over ride on all related to survival of body and soul bliss. And unable to give differentiation between them. We know mind is manager of us. Mind compel to pus us into good and bad emotions as classified above.  We can't control the mind so easily.

In present and past world culture ( named as religion) try to empower over the mind and push the person sad and sorrowful life on account of bringing peace in the world

And in almost all cases ladies are the more sufferer who nourishes the family and maintain society.
Ladies are being punished which can't be seen outside in the world. It is so prolong harassment in their life. Culture or religion never have any sympathetic consideration over them. They are cruel like wild wolf.

The present view of culture or religion is to over ride on the qualities of woman As woman is the central part of family and society. All the curves of culture finally turns towards behaviour of  the woman and not man.