Sunday, April 1, 2018

Heart Kidnapping

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Heart  Kidnapping

Oh hey crazy, how long you yearn
to obtain her love with beauty gang
your weak heart has to make strong
decide to rob with thoughtful plan

The beauty cause you to such ruin.
never think to leave her so alone
plan to kidnap her luxurious heart.
with all her beaut and velvet art.

hypnotise all surrounding her skies
anticipate weather generosity size
observe heart's interior decoration
decide what to steal for due affection

wander in hall of heart all the sides
where honey, kindness, love lies
smiley bubbles and weeping cries
sympathy tears, pitiful fears relies

search liking which she interested
grab them in special wallet basket
bundle all lugguage, in flight coach
and then dive and bravely encroach