Monday, April 16, 2018

How is the beauty ?

How is the beauty ?

If we praise someone , they deny the acceptance as they have already measured them selves in their own listed parameters. It is ridiculous to know their assumptions. It might be due to some one who gave deep love in child hood, having such facial shape. Someone feels

1) Nose :- long or short or puffed or so the nose is beautiful
2) Lips:- The thin, convex, concave, browing, short, contracted lips are beautiful
3) Cheeks:- puffed, flat, matured inexpressive,  hollow, dimple cheeks are beautiful
4) Eyes:- wide , elongated, miniature, big, expanded, deeply grooved, puffed lashes are beautiful,
4) Brows : curved , straight, matured, convexed, frowned brows are beautiful
6) Chin:- flat, large, conic, with dimple dug, puffed chin is beautiful
7) Face :- round, elongated, puffed, rocky, stiff  face is beautiful

All these are only the carved assumption in side memory which have been stored since childhood . At that good or bad occasion the expressions are recorded in our memory and through brain it is being nominated for the particular emotion.

No one says that " I'm beautiful". This post is meant for to create revolution in mind as how to feel our self beautiful. Because we already defined ourselves as we are not beautiful or handsome. Here are some observation of own mind

1) But I do say I'm handsome with due smile with emitting pleasure.
2) I love those who loves all and that my eyes insist me.
3) I love all those who are emotionally sensitive and cry inside the heart. I hug them  tightly
4) I love those who burns inside the heart like break up emotions.
5) I love those who try to make surrounding happy.
6) I love those who has positive thinking, and pity on them who are negative.
7) I have beautiful eyes those insist me to observe and love impartially.
8) I love my expressive face connected with heart only for pleasure

My observations.

1) where pleasure is allowed to emit, the facial muscle got trained to explode.
 Such as cheeks, dimples, lips settings, nasal curves, eye's ball look, eye lashes flattering,  brows and the over all control of expression on face.

2) The boiling pleasure expresses through all the said elements.

3) And all that can be just noticed on first sight of look as that how the face has been trained to emit pleasure , happiness.

4) or whether the face is habituated to hold the worries in survival.

5) To accept positive thing means to accept pleasure and happiness. And to deny it is just making a rocky face.

6) To accept the only worries is negative tendency of mind. This man can never agree to smile even in facade way.

7) Wrinkle on face means less exercise of facial muscles. That is denial of positive that is happiness.

All the positive things are accepted by you hence you are smiley.

All pleasure ready to emit on your face hence you are beautiful.

Your total face smiles at once with glorious exhibition hence you are beautiful.

Your eyes are deeply connected with heart which ever shows generosity.

You try to deny praises, appreciation that means you still want grow your inside pleasure more and more.

I love you in all the way
as I scratched out your all say.
Let you presume you are not beautiful
but my love has for you a strong pull

(I will create post for this text)