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How would Meena Kumari had became sad actress ?

How would Meena Kumari had became sad actress ?

There are many text on Meena Kumari. It is a great question before us that what situation must have made her sad and tragedy queen. Here is only a summary of  most of the read stories for cocluding on her sadness. There might be true , untrue, heard, discussed gossips. All this is collection on account love towards her and not to pain any one.

When she was left in orphanage , Her mama ( maternal unkle knew it, he was requested by her mother to bring that girl. The girl kid was covered with ants. The maternal uncle brought her and assure her father that she will made to earn money from acting as child, kid role. And this fact kept her alive.

 It was not confirmed but heard mouth to mouth that while that girl was born she didn't cried. She might been exaspiated by her father by pressing her throat. When mother asked what is the kid , why it is not crying. Father uttered fearfully " Muh me jaban nahi मुँह में जबान नहीं  ". Mother exclaimed " What !! Mehjabeen मेहजबीन . you are so kind to give her name ". He wanted a boy kid but unfortunately it was girl.

In addition to that the surrounding must be imagined. She was hated by home by her father and sister etc. This must have made her more sensitive, fearful, dominated mind set. She was being punished by pinching for crying role until she cried. When she started earning at the age of 4- to 6, father must have pressurised her for doing well and the sister would have become jealous.

Then it is natural that she would prefer studio than home. She found that to reside in home is to survive humiliating life . It is fearful than studio's life. Hence she diverted all her devotion to acting. But she had brought the sad tiffin from home.  And hence she could well did sadness role in her acting. As such she became devoted disciple to protect herself from home .

She was seeking deep love from her mother or woman acting teacher who gave her mother's love. And that woman teacher gave her deep love with facial and body language acting. As fearful about home she became more devotional and must have taken oath to remain in role of sad actress with expressive face. She was also satisfied as her father's annoyance was reduced as she was earning.

Her all moves, behaviour, action was preventive and not defensive. The film industry was too much happy seeing the special fearful Indian woman characteristics. They must have planned suitable films stories specially for her. They prepared her life background to remain her in industry without residing in home and family. And they try to keep her mood suitable for sad role. And this thought would be well digestive to her.  It is business tactic to create suitable circumstances

Filmy business industry seduced Meena Kumari provoking false information of divorce. As people would have kind look towards her and tearful acting. As being divorced the youngster would more attracted to her sadness.  Already she has sad mood , in addition film industry prepared different stories as she being hated by home too. Film industry was totally inhuman before earning money.

She understood this tactics of film industry very late after 10 years that the sweet blackmailing of film industry. She was not divorced. It could have also been done by ( Sam, dam dand bhed) known technique.
Here Dharmendra is different chapter. He wanted to be successful in industry and luckily he was preferred by Meenakumari. Dharmendra instigated her to get settle himself and at the 26 years Meena Kumari grasped in his love network. That was fruitful to film industry too.

Shortly after 2-3 years the lonely bird understood that she is being seduced by half of the film industry and some people like Dharmendra. He might have respect on account of guidance but never paid gurudakshina of marriage as he assured. 

Who made her more and more sad as god may know

1) Who isolate from her happy family and husband
2) Who not allow to follow the oath of marriage
3) Who compel her to be addicted for her lover
4) Who neglected her to cry 
5) Who compelled her to drink 
6) Who  never tried to set her family life as being she fearful 
7) Who left alone to make her die 
8) Who only had dry dramatic tears.
9) Who put her in bad image

And the ingrate man in this world whose love could save her.

Only Amrohi had one soft corner about her . No one was there to show affinity to her soul while in illness.

It is also know that she was fearful and denied to reside at home after marriage. She showd different reasons. Amrohi was matured one and unable to change her mind set by giving heartily love as soul mate . Meena Kumari was just 19 years child rigid to her old experiences.

The filmy industry at that time was seems to be very kind with her than her home on account of their selfishness.

All these circumstances are maintained for ever as she should give sad role more and more efficiently.