Thursday, April 5, 2018



1) Actually women have skill of minute observation
     and that tends to their jealousy for progration.
2) They have huge capacity of doing the work silently.
     and that man's efforts reach there hardly

3) They have calm heart and give love to all
     with characteristics family members individually.
4) They can go deep in study along with all sundry works.
     and the tiredness not even appear in their words

5) They have tremendous power at certain occasions of crisis.
     and it ever been won as it is the historic basic
6) The individual woman can win over if she leads the mob.
      still it proves in this vast world

7) She is idol of candid love with lake sympathy
     in the form mother, daughter,sister. lover empathy
8) Her beauty wins over all nature on earth and stars in sky.
     hence all the world is lost in her pitiful eye

-She is elixir on earth hence propagation alive-